About Us

MaxxiDog is a family company, owned and operated by passionate dog owners… and their dogs.

The People Behind MaxxiDog

Our names are Birgir and Asa Gislason and we are the founders of MaxxiDog. We are Icelandic but we have been living in the UK since 1995.


We love travelling and have so far travelled to over 70 countries, both on business and pleasure. Our longest trip lasted a year and took us around the world. It truly was a trip of a lifetime… and we made many doggy friends on the way.

We are also big animal lovers... meaning we thoroughly enjoyed our time volunteering at a Lion Farm in Africa few years ago.

Most importantly, we are passionate dog owners but we got our first dog in 2009 and just few weeks later, we had another eight!

The Dogs Behind MaxxiDog

Our first dog is Molly, the face of MaxxiFlex Plus. Molly is a Sprollie (a blend of Spaniel and Border Collie), making her beautiful, clever and energetic.

Molly is a rescue dog. We got her in November 2009 and it was estimated she was around 18 months at the time. It was a love at first sight on our part.

She moved in and we started our daily walks. Soon we started losing weight while she was gaining it… fast. Couple of weeks in, we took her to see a Vet and he confirmed our suspicion. Our beautiful teenager was pregnant.

This was a big surprise for us, but an enjoyable one. Molly had eight healthy puppies on Christmas Eve 2009 and we of course could not resist keeping one… her daughter Tess.

Molly and Tess having fun on the beach

The rescue center (Dogs Trust) helped us to find home for the remaining puppies and we are lucky enough to be in touch with few of their owners. We are so happy they all found good homes and we love seeing them (actually much more than Molly does).

Molly and Tess get on great and now we cannot imagine how it would be to have only one dog. We are very proud of our beautiful girls and they play number of important roles at MaxxiDog.com.

Not only are they amazing photogenic models and the source of many blog posts. They are also in charge of product selection, testing the products sold by MaxxiDog.

About MaxxiDog

Our dogs are very active. In addition to daily walks, we do lot of activities together. They love swimming, we go "cycling", play hide and seek, we have done some flyball, and we do dog agility once a week. And our Molly knows the purpose of life... it is chasing ball if you didn't know.

Molly is very energetic and full on (guess it's the Spaniel / Collie in her), especially when her beloved ball is involved. Her fourth winter with us we started noticing her getting stiff after good ball game. She was also slower jumping over the hurdles in agility class and not keen on flyball anymore.

MaxxiFlex Plus bottle

We started looking into joint supplements for dogs. We researched the different ingredients and learned which we wanted to be included. We then started looking for our ideal dog joint supplement and we found this US manufacturer with over 50 years experience in making animal supplements.

Their facilities are GMP registered and FDA compliant and they are a founding and audited member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). They use premium human grade ingredients from trusted suppliers, tested for freshness, purity, and potency.

We were so impressed that not only did we decide to use their dog joint supplement for our Molly. We decided we wanted to sell their products under the MaxxiDog brand. The first product is MaxxiFlex Plus, a potent dog joint formula that supports comfortable joint movement, helping dogs to stay active for longer.

Molly of course uses MaxxiFlex Plus on daily basis and we quickly saw great improvements in her activity level. She is much livelier in agility class and more energetic on our walks, even trying to climb trees to chase squirrels.

And she enjoys her beloved ball games even more than ever... if that's possible! We can truly see a big difference in her. She is all so much more bouncy these days.

Since then more products have been added to the MaxxiDog product range and we will be adding more in the future. 

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