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There are only great reasons for joining the MaxxiClub. It is free and easy to join. But more importantly MaxxiClub members enjoy amazing benefits:

-> Generous Joining Offer

-> Discount Of All MaxxiDog Products

-> Exclusive MaxxiDog Promotions

-> Special Offers On Dog Related Products

-> Regular Giveaways

-> MaxxiDog Charity Of The Month

-> MaxxiClub Newsletter

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Current Sign-up Offer

When you join, you’ll receive a generous 25% discount of a bottle of MaxxiDigest Plus, our premium Digestive & Immune Support formula for dogs and cats.


You also receive 10% coupon off any MaxxiDog product. As well as 15% coupon to use when you buy any two or more MaxxiDog products. Only one coupon can be used at any time.


MaxxiDog Promotions

special-promotions-MC.jpgMaxxiClub members benefit from exclusive promotions. When you join MaxxiClub, you will receive generous discount off MaxxiFlex Plus high quality dog joint supplement on Amazon. Similar promotions for other MaxxiDog products will follow in the future.

Members also receive exclusive deals every time MaxxiDog launches new products.

Discount Off All MaxxiDog Products

MaxxiClub members receive monthly coupon that gives them 10% off all MaxxiDog products. So every time you buy any MaxxiDog product you will get minimum 10% off.

You also get 15% coupon code to use if you buy two or more of any MaxxiDog products.

Only one coupon can be used at any time, i.e. cannot be used with other promotions.

Special Offers On Dog Related Products

MaxxiClub members will on regular basis receive special offers on various dog related products from MaxxiDog partners. We will actively look out for interesting products that may be of value to our members.

Regular Giveaway

Every Monday we randomly select one MaxxiClub member for a weekly giveaway of any MaxxiDog product. The weekly winner will be announced on our Facebook page.

The winner will receive private e-mail, asking him to choose his MaxxiDog product. We will then send him a coupon for free product of his choice.

There will be extra giveaways on special occasions.

MaxxiDog Charity Of The Month

Every month MaxxiDog donates certain amount to a charity. MaxxiClub members nominate and choose the MaxxiDog Charity Of The Month. The donated amount is $300.00.


Every month members nominate a charity for the following month. The criteria for nomination are simple. The charity must be registered dog charity and it must have its own website (so we can check it out).

Every month we choose three charities from the nominations we received. MaxxiClub members then vote which one of them becomes the next Charity Of The Month.

Voting starts when the monthly newsletter with the names of the nominees has been sent out. The closing date for nominating and voting is the end of each month.

The Timeframe

Charities nominated in January will be voted for in February and the winning charity will receive their donation in the beginning of March.

Click The Photo to find out which charities have so far been chosen the MaxxiDog Charity of the Month.


Monthly MaxxiClub Newsletter

The MaxxiClub newsletter is sent out the first week every month and includes the following:

- Your coupons for the month (10% of any MaxxiDog product, 15% if you buy two or more)

- Special promotions (if any)

- Special offers of the month (if any)

- The winners of the weekly giveaways the previous month

- Information about special giveaways (if any)

- The winner of the MaxxiDog Charity Of The Month

- The nominees for the next Charity Of The Month

- Instructions how to nominate charity for the next round

- New articles and blogs on www.MaxxiDog.com

- Other information and advice considered of value to MaxxiClub members

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You will receive an e-mail asking you to verify your e-mail address. When you have done so, you will receive our welcome e-mail with your coupon codes (the joining offer plus 10% off any MaxxiDog product, and 15% off if you buy more than one).

We look forward to welcoming you on-board MaxxiClub.

Kind regards,

Birgir and Asa Gislason

Owners of MaxxiDog

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