Why MaxxiFlex Plus?

Because We All Want What's Best For Our Dogs

MaxxiFlex Plus is a powerful dog joint supplement that supports comfortable joint movement, helping your dog to stay active for longer.

Stiff Joints Are Part Of Life

Dogs love to be active, meaning lot of strain on their joints. Even dogs on good balanced diet feel joint stiffness when they overdo it. And the older the dog, the more frequently he will experience joint discomfort and stiffness.

Let's face it, we all get stiffer as we grow older and our dogs age much faster than we do.

MaxxiFlex Supports Comfortable Joint Movements

MaxxiFlex Plus is a complex joint formula for dogs that supports healthy joint function and improves mobility.

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We Don't Compromise On Quality

We at MaxxiDog are passionate dog owners. Like you, we only want the best for our dogs.

MaxxiFlex Plus dog joint supplement is manufactured in the USA. Our manufacturer has over 50 years experience in making animal supplements and is GMP registered with NSF and an audited member of NASC (National Animal Supplement Council).

MaxxiFlex is made of premium quality (human grade) raw materials from trusted suppliers, tested for purity and potency. The lot number and best by date is shown at the bottom of every single bottle.

Great Benefits For Dogs... And Owners

The best joint supplement for dogs helps your dog to stay active for longer. And we all know that active dog is a happy dog. What's more, we feel so much better when we know our dog is happy and comfortable.

Not only older dogs benefit from taking MaxxiFlex dog joint supplement. It can play vital role for future joint health. 

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Effective Joint Support Ingredients

With supplements, it is all about the ingredients.

MaxxiFlex carefully chosen ingredients support joint health and promote mobility. It includes all the most popular joint support ingredients, like Glucosamine HCL, Chondroitin Sulfate, and MSM.

As well as various other ingredients that have been shown to support comfortable joint movements, i.e. Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Cetylated Fatty Acids, Devils Claw, Bio Active Whey protein, and Bromelain.

And because it is all about the ingredients we guarantee that all the stated ingredients are present in the product at the date of manufacturing (just contact us  for Certificate of Analysis for MaxxiFlex Plus). 

Directions For Use

The right supplement amount for dogs depends on number of factors, the most common being the dogs' weight. The quality (purity) and strength of the active ingredients is also important factor (the better quality/strength, the less you need). Finally, the combination (mix) of the active ingredients plays a role.

MaxxiFlex Plus advanced joint formula for dogs include premium grade ingredients that have been carefully selected for maximum efficiency. The recommended daily amount is 1 tablet per 25 lbs.

Directions for Use

Less than 25 lbs. = ½ - 1 tablet daily

25 - 50 lbs. = 1 - 2 tablets daily

50+ lbs. = 2 - 3 tablets daily

If giving more than 1 tablet daily, divide them between AM and PM

For maximum benefits, double the daily amount for the first three weeks

It usually takes between 4 to 8 weeks of using any joint supplements for dogs to see maximum results. 

Not Only Dogs Love MaxxiFlex Plus

Our human customers tell us all the time how happy they are with MaxxiFlex. We are not surprised, as we have seen great improvements in our Molly since she started taking MaxxiFlex. She is so much more bouncy in every way, reminding us of how she was when we first got her.

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Why Buy MaxxiFlex Plus Now?

Joint issues can affect dogs of all breeds and ages, so it is critical to support the joints through all stages of life. Paying close attention to our dog's activity level and range of motion can provide valuable clues that something is not right. 

It is important to act quickly upon detection. The problem with dogs is that their pain threshold is very high. Meaning they are likely to have suffered from joint problems for a while before we finally notice.

Our dogs' life is short and we want them to be comfortable for as long as possible.

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