Why Healthy Dog Is A Happy Dog

Molly cool with her fun ball

We dog owners tend to see our dogs as "happy go lucky" creatures. They seem to go through life without a care in the world. Every day they wake up, happy and ready to go.

This may be true for a healthy dog with good owner. Dog health problems can though quickly change the picture. Because good health is one of the most important things for dogs overall wellbeing and happiness… just as it is for us humans.

This section covers various information and advice about dog health:

Can You Use Human Supplements For Dogs?

What Is NASC (National Animal Supplement Council)?

How To Prevent Canine Health Problems?

Good balanced diet and regular moderate exercise are important for our dogs overall wellbeing and can help them stay healthy for longer. However, as our dogs age, some health problems will become unavoidable.

There are though things we can do to prevent or delay some common dog health problems. For example:

- Good quality dog supplement can help your dog stay healthy for longer, e.g. good quality dog joint supplement can support and help maintain comfortable joint movements
- Chewing bones exercises the jaw muscles, stimulates the gums and improves the dental health
- Massaging your dog will not only improve your bond, it also increases blood circulation, maintains muscles tone, helps relieve the effects of stiffness, etc.
- Regular exercise and playing is not only important for your dogs physical wellbeing, it also keeps your dog mentally alert

Everything you can do to prevent or delay canine health problems will save you money in Vet fees. More importantly, it will keep you dog healthier for longer.

And healthy dog is a happy dog... and happy dog means happier dog owner.

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